With our large drying capacity, we are able to dry almost all produced pallets to the desired wood moisture content. We only use heat drying. This means that the pallet is moved into the kiln with the natural moisture content of the wood. Water is heated by burning our own wood chips. This is used to heat the air in the kilns. In accordance with the supply air/exhaust air principle, saturated hot air from the kiln is exchanged with fresh outside air. This process repeats itself and the water is gradually withdrawn from the wood cells. In this way the pallet is dried.

After this treatment at a minimum temperature of 56°C for a period of at least 30 minutes, the pallet meets the requirements of the IPPC standard. This ensures that all insects, micro-organisms and fungi are killed in the wood. This means that the range can be marketed worldwide and complies with the requirements of the International Plant Protection Convention.

As a result of this treatment, the pallet is not yet kiln-dried. The pallets are only dried in the kiln for 30-60 hours, depending on the initial moisture content, ambient temperature and thickness of the wood. This removes the residual moisture from the wood and the culture medium from the mould.

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