At this point we would like to make the pallet palatable for our customers in an unconventional way.


Palettenliebe, Coburg

In keeping with the current "Do-It-Yourself-Movement" we have joined forces with a young entrepreneur from Coburg. Florian Kirchner produces pallet furniture from our pallets and has started his own on-line shop:

There you will find everything from small wine racks, to seating furniture and dining room tables, all the variants of the pallet ready assembled. If you are interested in trying out building your own pallet furniture, we have put together a step-by-step guide by Florian Kirchner for you. The building instructions for the side table "Mads" are available as PDF for download and printing.

„Parents shape you - for life. Even if you're out of the house at some point, you can learn from them - and occasionally dust off a brilliant business idea. When my parents rebuilt their garden, they needed a stylish bench seat as an eye-catcher. Three pallets were quickly worked to enhance the overall appearance. I was thrilled, copied the bench and placed it on my balcony. From then on, it not only served as an ideal seating area, but also became the number one topic of conversation in summer. My friends were interested and thrilled. For the wedding of my best friend, there was of course a special present: A 'Lasse' bench for the marriage ceremony, so to speak. Also at the wedding, guests came up to me and encouraged me to get started and turn the idea into reality. No sooner said than done: Important contacts have been made, the on-line shop and homepage designed and the necessary material provided - my pallet adventure begins!”

Florian Kirchner | Owner of


EventTecPro, Eichenzell

Also the company EventTecPro from Eichenzell has built a chic lounge furniture from our pallets for your events. By the scorching of the untreated pallets, the great grain of the pine wood emerged. With a nice upholstery the benches become cozy and inviting and the built-in indirect light has an impressive effect.

Pictures of the lounge furniture can be found below in our picture gallery.

Coelestin Jahn | Jahn & Mehler GbR


Clothing shop Erna Schneider, Fulda

At the Erna Schneider shop, the decorators have built tables out of our pallets.
Modern presentation tables have been created from several europallets. With the white paint and a custom-made table top made of glass, the product presentation has been wonderfully successful.

Pictures of the tables can be found below in our picture gallery.

E. Schneider | branch of Reiner Appelrath-Cüpper Nachf. GmbH


Rhöndorf, Tann-Wendershausen

The owners of the Rhöndorf in Tann-Wendershausen have built a great outdoor seating group for their guests. There can be drunk and eaten comfortably in the sunshine.

Pictures of the seating group can be found below in our picture gallery.

Patrick Kreuzberg | Rhönerland Zentrum


dm branch, Hilders

At the dm branch in Hilders, employees have put together practical stands for their products from our Euro pallets.
With the pallets, the goods can be appealing presented to the customer.

Pictures of the display stands can be found below in our picture gallery.

dm-Filiale Hilders | dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG

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