Together with our employees in Abtsroda, we produce pallets of various types in a 3-shift operation and these are used in national and international goods traffic.

Most of the pallet blanks for our pallets come from our own sawmills in Abtsroda, Biebergemünd and Dorndorf. Additional quantities are purchased on the open market.

Euro, chemical, glass-works and industrial pallets are manufactured on our pallet systems. We also manufacture special pallets, which we develop together with our customers according to their requirements. We can also produce special pallets in small quantities.

All our pallets have one thing in common:

The finished pallets, whether treated, kiln-dried or untreated, are always stored under roofed surfaces. This ensures that the quality of the pallets is maintained, as they are protected from the elements.


  • fully automated production
  • three own sawmills
  • constant material controls
  • external controls by Bureau Veritas Industry Services GmbH, Hamburg


  • also with custom-made products
  • individual quantities
  • large capacity of ­ drying chambers


  • on-time delivery due to sufficient production capacities
  • large warehouse and fleet capacities


  • consideration of individual customers
  • taking over the logistics function at the customer
  • provision of all information materials
  • stress analysis with the Software pallet express for appropriate load capacity
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