Pallets have been produced at our main plant in Abtsroda since 1966. The production of more than 10 million pallets per year is the main focus of the Abtsroda plant's work.

For this purpose, a frame sawmill is operated in which pallet blanks made of strong round timber are produced. These blanks, all pallet boards produced in our two branches as well as all purchases from the market are processed into wooden pallets on our production lines. The pallets are then dried in the kilns. The pallets are temporarily stored in Abtsroda or Sieblos, where an additional covered warehouse is located, or loaded directly onto trucks and transported to the customer.


Two further sawmills are located in Biebergemünd and Dorndorf for the production of sawn timber.

The company's own sawmills allow flexible planning of pallet production. On the other hand, special dimensions for special pallets can be quickly provided by the sawmills.


Biebergemünd is the site of our first chipping plant, which was taken over by the company Krenzer in 1990. After the sawmill burnt down almost completely in 1992, it was rebuilt and has been continuously optimised since then. This ensures that the chipping plant can process around 160,000 cubic metres of round timber per year. Our 28 employees on site work in two shifts.


In the Krayenberg municipality in Dorndorf, we operate our second chipping plant.

The Krenzer Company took over this location in 2006 and has since then continuously expanded and modernised it.

With a cutting capacity of 200,000 Fm of logs per year, this plant is one of the most modern packaging sawmills in Germany. We employ 35 employees at this site in a two-shift operation.

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