The special pallets listed here are examples of special pallet designs, such as those used by customers. All special pallets can be treated in accordance with IPPC regulations and additionally kiln-dried, i. e. the perfect use for goods traffic in most countries of the world is guaranteed.

We also have the facility of designing and calculating your pallet with the PALLET Express software. Technical drawings, a 3D view and, for example, the load capacity of the pallet can be calculated.

Do you want a pallet with special dimensions? Talk to our staff, we will be happy to advise you on your individual inquiry.

Examples of special pallets:

  • Floor frame pallet
  • Double-deck pallet
  • Two-way pallet
  • Display pallet
  • GMA pallet (inch dimensions)
  • Drum pallet (1200x1200mm)
  • Pallet cover
  • Elements for container stowage / load securing
  • In-house pallets
  • Pallets with tubular rivets (e. g. brewery pallets)
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